Let's Remember and Honor Army Ranger Sgt. Leandro Jasso.

Whether you hate President Trump or love President Trump, one thing is for sure. The media is obsessed with him, and only him. On November 25th, Sgt. Leandro Jasso, and Army Ranger was mortally wounded by gunfire Saturday during an operation against al-Qaeda fighters in a remote part of southwestern Afghanistan.

Does America know we’re still at War? Or is America at the mall? I believe we could have Aliens land on our soil and all the major networks would not break coverage from either blasting President Trump, or praising President Trump. All you would get is a ticker on the bottom of your TV screen that said “Breaking News, Aliens have landed in Iowa.

We have close to 15,000 troops still in Afghanistan and have plenty special operations going on in Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. Veteran suicide is still an issue and our VA is still a mess. We need more media attention on the issues that still matter, other than President Trump.

Our national media coverage could do a lot better in honoring our Veterans by covering his loss more than with a bottom ticker mention, or a quick mention before they go to commercial break. His loss will be painfully felt by his family, and it seems like the only way we ever hear about when our brave men and women give the ultimate sacrifice, is via twitter.

Sgt. Jasso was a team leader in Alpha Company of the Ranger Regiment’s 2nd Battalion. And if anyone doesn’t know what being an Army Ranger is, it’s an incredibly elite group, and is quite an honor and achievement.

Rest in Peace Sgt. Jasso and thank you for yours, and your families service.

Further Reading @ Washington Post, image credit Washington Post