My performane at The Kennedy Center this Inauguration Weekend

Performing at the Kennedy Center has been an incredible honor for me. Being of immigrant parents, it’s hard to believe how far I’ve come as a performer.

My father an Argentinian Syrian Jew and my mother, a Colombian Christian and grew up in Houston, Texas.  I grew up with the name Douglas Habib Taurel. Try having that name called out on the first day of school in Houston, Texas in the 1980’s. :)  But like the mosaic that is the American Soldier, I am a combination of many influences that loves our country and am grateful to be born in America.  Only in America can immigrant with an 8th grade education, have his son perform at the Kennedy Center.

I will for ever be grateful to both of my parents but especially my mother for sacrificing SO much so that I could have the opportunities that I have today and n the future. Thank you to both of my parents and I love you so much.

May my father rest in peace!