What Does the Laying the Wreath at Arlington Cemetery Mean for Trump?

The moment when President Elect Trump attends the unbelievable powerful ceremony of laying the wreath at Arlington Cemetery, it should be a very important and somber moment for him, our country and our veterans.  Arlington Ceremony is the sacred resting ground of so many of our fallen military who have died in action, heroes from the first World War who are only known by GOD because their identity remains unknown, and the final resting place of hundreds and thousands who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.   As the drums roll and the beautiful sound of taps is played, it will symbolize a proud and brave moment for our country but also a very poignant moment, when the newly elected commander in chief realizes the incredible power that now lies in his hands. Our fathers, mothers, sons and daughters will be at the ready and at his orders, to protect us, our freedom and our belief's. 

There is a tremendous seriousness in becoming our country's commander in chief, and a very proud moment for us as Americans, when power is peacefully handed over to the incoming administration. So let us not forget the lasting consequences when we decide to use the most powerful force on earth and the incredible sacrifices that have been made and will be made by our veterans and families, when that ritual happens. 

On Sunday the 22nd, at 6pm on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center for Performing Art, I hope people will take away this message when they see me perform my play The American Soldier, and have a deeper appreciation and admiration for all of our veterans and their families for what they have given for us. 

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