The American Soldier
The American Soldier is a tour de force performance that takes the audience seamlessly from one war period to the next and Douglas Taurel transitions from one character to another is executed amazingly. A must see story! An unforgettable performance!
— Joe Prieto, Army Veteran

Off Broadway

Images by Diana Bush Photography

Library of Congress

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The American Legion National Headquarters

Photos by Josh L. Marshal

The John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center

Monmouth University

Photos by Tina Colella

Bedford New York, Fundraiser for Hearts for Heroes

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Bannerman Castle on Bannerman Island off the Hudson River

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City of Austin, Emma S. Barrientos American Cultural Art Center

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Chocolate Art Factory Theatre, Red Hook, New York

TBH Houston Arts Center

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Harvest House Center Fundraiser, Sarasota Florida

Algonquin Arts Center, Manasquan New Jersey


Mile Square Theatre Hoboken, New Jersey


Bowery Poetry Club
rst time I Ever performed the American Soldier

Images by Diana Bush Photography