Lucky me! Last night at the Kennedy Center, I had a spot maybe a half-dozen seats from the stage, and I so enjoyed your performance.  The role-playing touched me in so many ways--chilling, saddening, amusing and--mostly--reminding me of a number of veterans I've come to know. Over the last decade, I have volunteered helping wounded vets, largely through a program that teaches them to whitewater kayak. Some had lost a limb or multiple limbs, some had lost their eyesight, others had lost certain brain functions. I'm fortunate to call some of them good friends today, and I saw them in a number of your portrayals. What a way to end an emotional and roller-coaster weekend (and few months) here in Washington.

Thank you for that great performance, and enjoy your time in my hometown!

Melanie Kaplan, Washington, DC-based journalist, published in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal

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