The American Soldier

“Powerful one man show that honors
our veterans and their families.”

- Broadway World


Performed at Kennedy Center, Library of Congress, American Legion’s National Headquarters, Off Broadway and Nominated for an Amnesty International Award.


“Taurel commits totally to his characters in every circumstance…flawless and powerful.”

  – The Huffington Post

“Taurel gives each voice a sensitive, moving presence…He is utterly believable” 

  – British Theatre Guide

"...if you want to make the most out of your trip to D.C., go see The American Soldier this inauguration weekend."

   – The Washington Post

"The American Soldier is definitely one of the five things you want to do this Memorial Weekend."

    – The Austin Chronicle

"His one-man show honors our veterans in their own words…"

   – The Military Times

The American Soldier

…is a solo show based on actual accounts and letters written by veterans and their families from the American Revolution through current day Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It strives to help us understand why it is so difficult for our veterans to re-enter our pedestrian life when they come home after experiencing combat, and examines the incredible sacrifices made by our veterans and their families.

It has been nominated for an Amnesty International Award, performed at Kennedy Center, Off Broadway, The Library of Congress, The American Legion’s National Headquarters, New York Federal Reserve Bank, it received 4 stars at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and been featured in The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Military Times and Time Out to name a few.


The American Legion National Headquarters, Indianapolis


Off Broadway, 59 east 59 Theatre

Off Broadway, 59 east 59 Theatre

“It was great to have you here Douglas! I watched the performance over the livestream and thought it was fantastic. I had a patron come to our stage the next day and pulled me aside to tell me how great you performance was as well. Congratulations, and I look forward to having you back!”
- The Kennedy Center, Diana Ezerins, Programming Manager

Dear Doug, Watching you in action was such a pleasure. Your production brought those soldiers to life for me. Thank you for the work you are doing on behalf of Veterans. It is amazing and I am so glad I had the opportunity to witness.”
- Library of Congress

"This play is raw and incredibly emotional. It gives people who have never experience war or military service, a true and excellent idea of what is it is like. How it touches your soul, and changes your life."
- American Legion National Headquarters, Daniel S. Wheeler, National Commander

Your work is so awesome! As I sat there watching you, I said to myself, “wow, I can’t believe I’m seeing this caliber of acting at our theatre. Being the daughter of a Korea veteran, and the niece of two other war veterans, I began to remember their stories, and their quiet and silent pauses after their stories. You transported our emotions and imagination beyond believe. You and this play will be remembered fondly, and as long as I’m here, you will always be welcome! Thank you and God bless!”
- City of Austin, Emma S. Barrientos American Cultural Center, Linda Crockett, AD

“This is the greatest one man show to have ever played at TBH Arts Center!.. It speaks to the fabric of what makes America so beautiful.”
- Houston Cultural Art Center, Javier S. Perez, Artistic Director

“We were spellbound. Totally riveted. We couldn’t move. Totally spectacular! An unbelievable voice for past and current veterans!”
- Fort Hays State University, Kansas, John Pyle, AD

“The two performances were unforgettable! Those that attended the two sold-out shows were moved beyond words at the power of the show and it’s messages. “
– Theatre on the Road at Arts at the Chocolate Factory, Red Hook, NY, Frank Marquette, AD

“Douglas Taurel offers an unvarnished portrait of generations of warriors and the pressures that continue to mold them after their wars are over.”
- Off Broadway, John Chatterton, Midtown International Theatre Festival Producer

“The American Soldier powerfully brings home the impact of war on the people who live it day in and day out. He plays each character with passion, nuance and heart…a must-see!”
-Off Broadway, Nancy Kelly, Mono a Mono Festival Producer

“Our theatre strives to create theatrical experiences that relate to and move our audience. DouglasTaurel’s The American Soldier certainly fulfilled that aspiration. Our audiences were deeply moved by his heartfelt performance. The American Soldier is a beautiful work of theatre.”
- Mile Square Theatre, New Jersey, Chris O’Connor, AD

This play represents the best of the type of work we are proud to share with our audience here in Ridgefield, CT. In a political and social climate that is fraught with emotion and vitriol a piece like this is more important than ever. It is so important that we never forget the common valor and struggle ofvour American soldiers, from the past and right through to the many places they serve in conflict today. Doug’s total respect for The American Soldier framed within the social and political climate of each war is compassionate, respectful, painful, sad- a true embodiment of the totality of the experience of those who serve. If you have the opportunity to bring his work to your venue, do it! He is a professional through and through, and the play needs to be performed.”
- Ridgefield Theatre Barn, Connecticut, Pamme Jones, AD


“Douglas, you have proved the power of drama in making the past relevant to the world today. The American Soldier makes history less about dates and events, and more about the lives of people. Thank you for bringing The American Soldier to the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown!
- Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Virginia, Mark Howell, Director of Education,

“I have had the privilege of seeing Douglas perform the American Soldier twice. I work with active duty military and veterans that suffer with PTSD and find this performance incredibly powerful and relevant. I feel strongly that anyone working with this population see The American Soldier. In fact, I think everyone should see this performance. The general population needs to know what our military and veterans endure."
- Hearts4Heroes Foundation, Laurie Fancher, Director