The American Soldier

Dear Doug,

Having met many veterans though volunteer work and being in a relationship with a combat veteran, your play really depicted the experiences, passion and pride they have for their service. It was amazing to see you bring their feelings and experiences to life for all of us watching. The appreciation I have for our veterans grew a little more just watching this play. I couldn’t help but think how brave you are not being a veteran to put yourself in their shoes. Thank you for bringing their stories to the world to appreciate. This show will stay in my heart for years to come.

Thank you!

Kathy Lewis, Veteran Therapist

“I have had the privilege of seeing Douglas perform the American Soldier twice. I work with active duty military and veterans that suffer with PTSD and find this performance incredibly powerful and relevant. I feel strongly that anyone working with this population see The American Soldier.  In fact, I think everyone should see this performance. The general population needs to know what our military and veterans endure.”

Thank you Douglas!

Laurie Fancher Hearts4Heroes, Veteran Therapist

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What you do I believe is Cathartic, your performance fleshes out the heart felt emotions of those Warriors and reinforces the will to “Never give up, never stop fighting” for inner peace despite our war time experiences. You’ll never know and words can’t express what your performance has meant to me. Love and Peace and God Bless you and your beautiful family!
— Veteran of Iraq